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Do you find yourself stuck in dating, relationships, or honoring your body after growing up in purity culture?

Find your Post Purity Culture Personality

A 9-question quiz to identify purity culture’s effect on how you live now so you can reclaim your spirituality and sexuality in the future.

Purity culture says things like:

  • Only certain people are worth dating (and only if you want to marry them).

  • As a female-identified person, you’re responsible for men’s sexual impulses or actions.

  • As a male-identified person, you can expect your partner to be available whenever you want.

  • As an LGBTQ identified person, there’s no place for you here, and you have to change to be good.

  • Physical attraction is “wrong,” you must be attracted to them “as a person,” first.

  • You’re REQUIRED to forgive someone who hurt you.

  • Sex and what I do with my body intimately impacts my relationship with the sacred.

And this only scratches the surface of the programming that might be running through your brain and your body as you attempt to live a life NOT governed by purity culture after it has been for so long.

Couple Hugging

Though the beliefs might be common, how you handle this “post purity culture” journey is unique.

Putting a finger on your Post Purity Culture Personality will help you understand how your body and mind have chosen to cope with beliefs that are deeply indoctrinated, no matter how much you desire a new reality.


Then, you can uncover action steps to move forward with this coping personality in mind rather than a one-size-fits-all checklist that sounds nice but feels impossible to put into practice.

Whether you’re post purity culture personality aligns most with:

The Determined One

The Pioneer

The Empath

The Rebel


… you’ll walk away with clarity to leave behind that uncomfortable squeeze in between belief systems, and exactly how to step into more peace in your sexual experiences, your spiritual life, and desired future.

Take this 9-question quiz and get your results now!

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