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Meet Hannah Brents

LICSW with a private practice in Boston, MA

I help millennials and older adults struggling with trauma, anxiety, relationships, and spiritual crises.

I strive to offer an individualized, intimate therapy experience so that you feel like a priority from day one. To do this, I accept only a few clients at a time and limit my weekly appointments so that I can be fully present in our sessions. 

My approach to therapy is integrative. I primarily use cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and mindfulness techniques to help you break down limiting beliefs and build new, positive habits and ways of thinking. I hope to create a supportive environment so that you can establish strong relationships in your life and achieve your goals. I help people heal from trauma by overcoming negative patterns and optimizing their overall wellbeing. 


About Me

I know that therapy can be intimidating, especially if it's your first time or coming from a very religious background. I will not sit silently the whole time and nod my head. I am very engaged throughout each session. I will ask you questions, provide feedback, gently invite you to grow, and offer skills practice. I want my virtual office to feel comfortable for you. So, grab a tea or coffee and a comfortable, quiet seat for the next 50 minutes. You are welcome exactly as you are.


If it's your first time in therapy, you may be hoping for answers. Although I can't give you answers, I will support and guide you each week as you come to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Don't worry, the answers may become clearer as we go. If you have questions about what it would look like to get started, reach out and let's schedule a quick phone call to see how I can help.

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Training and Credentials


Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker 

MA State License # 122699


Boston University School of Social Work, Master of Social Work

Boston University School of Theology, Master of Theological Studies

Post Graduate Training Courses and Certificates

Cognitive Processing Therapy, Approved Provider for Individuals and Groups and Live Clinical Supervision

UPENN Positive Psychology Certificate Program

Other Credentials

Yoga Certification, 200 hour RYT

Career Experience

Bournewood Hospital, Brookline, MA

Assistance Animal Assessment, Telehealth Massachusetts

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