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CPT Boston: Intensive

Since the traumatic event, life has changed. Here are some of the ways you may have noticed a difference:

  • You are less productive at work;

  • You feel like no one understands you;

  • No one can relate to what you've been through; 

  • You are waiting for the other shoe to drop;

  • Frequent nightmares and not sleeping through the night;

  • Your relationships are suffering. 

You are getting by, barely.

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If this is you, welcome! It takes courage to ask for help. Even if you don't believe right now that you deserve support, borrow some of mine and know, you do. You deserve to take care of yourself! 


Enter me: My name is Hannah Brents and I’m a CPT Approved Provider. 

You may be feeling anxious all of the time, afraid of getting hurt again, and feel guilty about what happened. I know how tough this can be and I’m here to help. 


Processing trauma–whether it’s childhood trauma, sexual assault or abuse, physical assault or abuse, religious trauma–can feel overwhelming. You may find yourself frequently in fight, flight, or freeze mode. This cycle has many people stuck in the same painful patterns. I help people move through the stages of trauma by identifying the uneasy feeling, learning what to do when they are feeling out of control, and by developing a plan to enhance wellness.


Start taking control of what’s controlling you by scheduling an initial consultation today.

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My approach to Cognitive Processing Therapy in Boston

I offer an intensive version of CPT Boston. CPT Intensive is a trauma therapy program that  consists of 10 sessions in only 2 weeks. 


Cognitive Processing Therapy is a manualized treatment model, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for trauma. This means that there is a structure and objective for each session. Clients often enjoy the structure, as opposed to talk therapy, because it creates a feeling of safety. 


Here’s how it works:

  1. You learn about PTSD and the science behind treatment. There are markers of progress along the way to show how your symptoms decrease over therapy.

  2. You will learn about CPT stuck points. We will identify limiting beliefs that are keeping you from healing.

  3. You will learn how to deal with sadness and other BIG emotions without letting them overwhelm you. 

  4. You will be given practice work to do in between sessions. It’s time to take what you learn into your life!

  5. We expect avoidance. We even welcome it! Then, we’ll make an action plan on how to overcome obstacles to treatment.

  6. You are given the opportunity to incorporate self-care practices into your daily routine.

The CPT Intensive is a great alternative to the traditional Cognitive Processing Therapy program. It is rare to find a type of short term therapy without neglecting yourself or the process. You can complete this program and get on with your life in only 2 weeks without having to make a long term commitment. 


I have helped people who have survived trauma(s) to change their beliefs, learn how to get their life back on track, and make time for your wellness. If you don’t want to wait any longer to get your life back on track, schedule a free 15 minute consult to learn more about the CPT Boston: Intensive. 

CPT Therapy FAQs

CPT sounds pretty different. How do I know if it’s right for me?

Here are two resources to learn more about Cognitive Processing Therapy before making a commitment. The Cognitive Processing Therapy official website has published a short informational video at the bottom right of the homepage: Have you ever listened to This American Life? They’re great! They followed a journalist who completed a CPT Intensive program. You can listen to it here:

What are some stuck point examples?

This is a great question and truly unique to each person. If you choose Cognitive Processing Therapy, you will learn more about stuck points from the very get-go. We will then identify stuck points that are conscious or subconscious. A few examples could be: “I should have known it would happen,” “I can’t trust anyone,” “Men are dangerous,” “I can’t protect myself.”

Do I have to pay for all 2 weeks of the CPT Boston: Intensive at once?

You can pay in full or discuss a payment plan whenever you schedule the intensive. Payment plans are determined on an individual basis and based on the needs of the individual. An example of a payment plan could be: if the intensive is scheduled in advance, you may choose to pay a down payment at the time of scheduling, 50% on the first day of treatment, and the rest on the last day of treatment. Regardless of the chosen payment plan, 50% must be paid by the first day of treatment and 100% of the service must be paid on the last day of treatment.

Can I use insurance to pay for this?

I am an Out-of Network (OON) provider with all insurances. Most PPO insurance plans include partial reimbursement for OON providers while HMO plans may or may not include partial reimbursement. 


Please check with your insurance what the benefits for OON behavioral health providers are in your policy. You can determine this by calling the number on the back of your insurance card. You will want to know if you have to meet a deductible first before they cover a portion of the cost of treatment. You should also ask if they limit the amount of sessions you can have during a specific period of time.

Get help from a CPT Approved Provider 

Are you ready to heal from trauma and take control of your life in record time? I can’t wait to meet you. Schedule a free 15 minute initial consultation today to learn more and schedule your CPT Boston: Intensive.

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