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Religious Trauma Syndrome Quiz

Think you might be experiencing trauma symptoms related to your religious past?

You can take this quiz to get more clarity.


Maybe you find yourself asking questions like:

  • Is the brain or bodily discomfort I feel religious trauma?

  • Have teachings from my church traumatized me?

  • Was/IS my religion pressuring me to do things I don’t want to do?

  • Was my church or religious organization toxic?

  • Has purity culture damaged my relationship with sex?

These questions are common in the minds of individuals inside high-demand religions —
Especially when they’re making a faith transition.

Whether you were brought up inside of your religious community or discovered it later on, religion and indoctrination can present a lot of unforeseeable resistance if you’re in the middle of a faith, belief, or community transition.


This quiz will help you uncover whether or not your current symptoms align with Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS).


Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS) is group of symptoms that are brought on by upsetting or stressful religious experiences. RTS is a typical experience shared by people who have fled cults, fundamentalist religious groups, oppressive religious environments, or other traumatic religious experiences. Complex PTSD symptoms and Religious Trauma Syndrome can often look similar.

Religious Trauma Syndrome can look and feel like:

  • Confusing thoughts and reduced ability to think critically

  • Negative beliefs about self, others, and the world

  • Trouble making decisions

  • Feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, anger, lethargy

  • A sense of feeling lost, directionless, and alone

  • A lack of pleasure or interest in things you used to enjoy

  • A loss of a community (family, friends, romantic relationships)

  • Feeling isolated or a sense that you don’t belong

  • Feeling “behind the times” with cultural happenings

  • And many other symptoms of PTSD including nightmares, flashbacks, dissociation, emotional difficulty, etc.


Take this quiz and find out if your current experience aligns with Religious Trauma Syndrome, and how to get help with navigating your old faith and new beliefs whether you present with RTS or not.

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