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It looks like you’ve got some religious trauma

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level?

Religious trauma is especially difficult to overcome because our traumatic experiences are rooted within the religious communities and relationships that were meant to keep us safe.


We often doubt ourselves or feel completely helpless in knowing where to go when we suspect that we have experienced religious trauma.

Religious trauma survivors often tell us…

  • They had a hard time finding a clinician that specialized in their specific area of trauma.

  • There were seasons of exceptional fear because leaving a religious community meant also leaving your friends, family, and close relationships behind.

  • It’s hard to know whether you’ll be understood when you’re sharing your pain with others.

  • The triggers and reminders of the religious trauma were overwhelming and difficult to control.

Religious trauma therapy can help you to…

  • Address your trauma symptoms.

  • Reduce the time spent in other the uncomfortable state of anxiety and worry about losing everyone and everything.

  • Learn coping and emotional regulation skills from your therapist.

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