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Good news.
You scored low on the religious trauma quiz.

That means that it’s unlikely that religious trauma is your problem area.

But you found yourself taking a trauma quiz, so maybe some other trauma is haunting you?

So you took a quiz about trauma.
Let me talk you through trauma symptoms.

Trauma symptoms are sometimes difficult to spot because they can often look like depression, anxiety, or panic disorders. Trauma is defined by any event or multiple experiences that were too much and too fast for your brain and body. We have an incredibly responsive nervous system that often does exactly what it is supposed to do in the face of trauma: help you survive.

In the aftermath of trauma, it’s often difficult to “get back to normal” because your nervous system is still looking for the next threat. Although many people are resilient after trauma, sometimes we get stuck in a trauma cycle where we have a difficult time calming down and returning to life as we previously knew it.

One thing we wish more people understood about trauma healing: you can’t think your way out of it. If you could reason your way back to health, you likely wouldn’t be experiencing symptoms. Trauma healing requires the support of a professional to help you make sense of the event and your survival responses.


If you find yourself overwhelmed in the aftermath of trauma, we can help. Schedule a consultation with one of our trauma experts to learn how trauma therapy can change your life. We offer free 15-minute consultations for you to discover our style of therapy and how we can help you thrive. Schedule a consultation call with our trauma expert today.

Schedule a consultation call with our trauma expert today

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