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It looks like Religious Trauma isn’t your primary struggle right now.

But, let’s not stop there, because here’s the truth…

There’s a REASON you took a religious trauma quiz, and it wasn’t just something that sounded fun on a Friday night.


It’s because you have a hunch.

It’s because the phrase “religious trauma” stirred curiosity in you.

Which means you might find yourself in the middle of:

  • Questioning your religious community and beliefs

  • Finding that beliefs you don’t want anymore are still holding you back from living the life you desire

  • Experiencing an internal war between what you’ve been told your entire life and the knowledge and conviction you hold now


So, regardless of whether or not your symptoms DIRECTLY align with capital RT, Religious Trauma, the truth of the matter is that you’re likely here because you may be experiencing trauma-like symptoms as you struggle through your relationship with spirituality.



You CAN heal and cultivate the life you want instead of settling for the one you’re stuck in.

You don’t have to settle for a life of feeling at war with what you WANT to believe, how you DESIRE to live, and what you’ve been taught and told all your life is “right” or “true.” There is absolutely a way for you to find peace with your new lived beliefs. You just need the RIGHT support to help you understand what the process looks like and support you along the way. 

So, let’s talk about what trauma really looks like.

Trauma symptoms are sometimes difficult to spot because they can often look like depression, anxiety, or panic disorders.

Trauma is defined by any event or multiple experiences that were too much and too fast for your brain and body. We have an incredibly responsive nervous system that often does exactly what it is supposed to do in the face of trauma: help you survive.


In the aftermath of trauma, it’s often difficult to “get back to normal” because your nervous system is still looking for the next threat.


Although many people are resilient after trauma, sometimes we get stuck in a trauma cycle where we have a difficult time calming down and returning to life as we previously knew it.

One thing we really wish more people understood about trauma healing: you can’t think your way out of it.

If you could reason your way back to health, you likely wouldn’t be experiencing symptoms. Trauma healing requires the support of a professional to help you make sense of the event and your survival responses.


Find yourself overwhelmed in the aftermath of trauma or struggling through what your new beliefs mean for your spirituality? We can help.


Inside of Trauma Therapy, we can:

  • Address your trauma symptoms.

  • Reduce the time spent in the uncomfortable state of anxiety and worry about losing everyone and everything.

  • Learn coping and emotional regulation skills from your therapist. 


So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your healing process, keep your eyes on your email inbox over the next few days where I’ll be sharing helpful next steps and helping you understand that you’re TRULY not alone in this experience.

How you feel right now doesn’t have to be your reality forever.

I certainly hope that you believe that enough to take your next step toward the healing process that’s right for you.


If you’re a Massachusetts resident,

book a call with your Trauma Specialist

I’m Hannah Brents, owner of Safe Talk Therapy and the trauma specialist behind Theology Therapist.


I’ve dedicated my work to helping millennials reimagine their life in light of their own beliefs.


Specifically, I help you unpack and work through your own religious trauma and deconstruct the indoctrination that’s holding you back from living the life that aligns with your truth.


If that seems like a very specific niche, it is. But I’m passionate about it because I’ve been through my own deconstruction journey as well.


Most breakdowns of faith start with a feeling or an experience.

Mine started with books.

I’ve got a lot of letters behind my name: LICSW, MSW, MTS

(I’m even a 200 hour yoga instructor and meditation instructor)

All of that means I’ve spent a lot of time in books, study, and in DEEP contemplation about the meaning I hold for my life here on earth and after.


It was ironically during my theological studies that I both deconstructed my past faith and reconstructed my new version of spirituality.


I’ve been through the bodily confusion, the pinball of brain beliefs, and the overall “foundation crumbling” feeling that comes with realizing what you grew up believing is not what you want to move forward with.


And although I don’t think you’re ever COMPLETELY on the other side, I will say that now I live a life of carefree travel, alignment, and a continuous dismantling of expectations placed on my life by anyone but me.

I align my life by the Italian motto:

the sweetness of doing nothing.

A guiding light that my own former high control religion background would never dare to dream about.

And now I get to support clients with religious trauma to reclaim and strengthen their “I have a choice in this life” muscles, too.

My primary mission is to make space for you to figure out your new value systems, irrespective of my beliefs.

So, will I tell you what I believe? No.

But I will help you come to terms with what YOU want to believe.

Then, together we’ll uncover a path for you to start living in alignment with whatever YOU decide.


You can schedule a consultation with one of our trauma experts to learn how trauma therapy can change your life.


We offer free 15-minute consultations so you can discover our style of therapy and how we can help you thrive. Schedule a consultation call with our trauma expert today.

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